Living in your house while you renovate – top tips

Renovations are a great way of freshening up your home, adding value and making your property work for you. There are many things that need to planned including whether you will stay living in your house while you renovate.

It might sound like a nightmare, but with a little bit of planning, you can successfully stay at home while your renovations are in progress.

Things think about if you are living in your house while you renovate

Prepare to work to a different schedule

Choosing to hire a renovation builder rather than doing it yourself is a good idea but your builders might need to be in and out at a certain time. So, you might have a different schedule while the work is being completed. That might mean an earlier start or relocating if you work from home so you aren’t trying to work with a lot of construction noise. If you have children, you might want to think about trying to schedule work in the school holidays. That way you won’t need to worry so much about routine in case there are late dinners and late nights.

Make sure you have clear communication with your builder

Knowing how long you are likely to be living with disruption can make it easier to plan. Get a clear idea from your builder before the project starts of how long it should take and ask for regular updates so you know quickly if there are any delays. Your builder should also let you know in advance when the water or power will be off so you can plan – for example by filling some bottles with water.

Make an alternative plan for cooking or showering 

Kitchens and bathrooms are popular renovation choices. But these are two frequently used rooms that can cause a lot of disruption if they are out of action. Some good things to think about are:

  • Can you relocate certain cooking appliances to another room so you can do some makeshift cooking? Toasters, jugs, microwaves or electric fry pans are good options.
  • If the weather is nice can you make use of your BBQ?
  • Can you afford some extra meals out or takeaways while you can’t cook?
  • Do you have an alternative shower for example at the gym or the office? Or can you go to a relative’s house to use their shower?

Think about removing precious items that you don’t want damaged

Builders are very careful on site but there is always a chance something might get damaged, Relocate precious items to a room not being renovated, to a relative’s house or to storage while work is being done.

Make a plan for your pets

Just like your own routine, your pet’s routine might be disrupted by the building work. Make sure they have a safe space in the house away from the building site. Check on them regularly to make sure they are not anxious about any noise.

If you prefer to move out you have a few options

If you think living in your house while you renovate isn’t going to work you can:

  • Rent somewhere short-term
  • Move in with family
  • Use a motel or hotel

Of course, there is likely to be a cost involved with these so make sure you factor that into your renovation budget and your contingency when you are costing your project.

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