Why hire a renovation builder instead of DIY

If you are planning changes to your property you might be thinking about DIY. But in many cases, it is better to hire a builder for renovations than go it alone.

Why hire a renovation builder rather than DIY?

It is usually quicker

Often when people attempt DIY renovations they discover that the project is much bigger than they thought and takes a lot longer. This is especially true if you are trying to fit in the renovation around your day job. Who wants to be fitting a shower on evenings or weekends when you could be catching up on your favourite tv show or hobby instead.

If you have no building experience then the chances are each individual job will also take you a long time.

A professional builder will be concentrating on your renovations with no interruptions. This means if you hire a renovation builder your job gets done in a more timely fashion. If you are renovating key rooms like kitchens or bathrooms which you don’t want to be out of action for long this is especially important.

You get a better finished job – with added peace of mind

Unless you are an expert painter, plumber or joiner your finished product might be good enough but not perfect. A professional builder gives you a professional finish.

In some cases such as plumbing, gas fitting or electrical work you need to get a professional for the work to be signed off.

And if you use a licensed trades company there is usually a guarantee. This means if anything does happen to fail or have defects you have the chance to remedy it.

It can actually be more cost-effective

You might think that doing everything yourself will be cheaper than if you hire a renovation builder but this isn’t always the case.

A building company will have access to trade prices and bulk supplies for materials and products. These are usually cheaper than buying them as a member of the public.

When you add this to the time you’ll spend – especially if you are taking time off work to renovate it can be more cost-effective to hire someone in.

If you want to hire a builder for renovations, Build Right are the specialists you need

Renovations can be tricky because you are working within an existing structure and often have constraints. Build Right have plenty of experience with renovations as you’ll see from our portfolio. Our team can help you ensure your renovation plans are practical and will work within your budget.

We do all kinds of reno work including kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations – two areas where you can really add value to your property – and full renovations including decks to improve your indoor/outdoor flow.

If you are looking to hire a renovation builder, give us a call.

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