Creating great indoor outdoor flow at your place

Creating great indoor outdoor flow at your property can increase the value and increase your enjoyment of living in the house.

Whether you are thinking about indoor outdoor flow as part of a new home build or you are carrying out home renovations and want to change things around, it does need careful planning to maximise space and make the best use of the floorplan.

How to make the most of indoor outdoor flow at your property

Use sliding or bifold doors to maximise space

Using sliding doors or bifold doors allows you to fully open the doorway without encroaching onto either space. These doors stay neatly out of the way even when completely open. Modern sliding and bifold doors also look stylish and can be made double glazed so you don’t lose as much heat through the large glass space. Having sliding doors on two sides of a corner can really make your house feel open.

Sliding windows can also increase the feeling of space

Swapping standard top opening windows for sliding windows can increase the feeling of space in kitchens or bedrooms. Sliding windows offer you a bigger open aperture than standard windows. This lets you connect with the smells and sounds of the outdoors as well as the view.

Think about how people move through the spaces

When adding furniture, think about how you will move through each indoor and outdoor space and between the two. Don’t block the route between the two areas with large furniture like tables or bookcases. Think about mirroring the layout of seating in both the indoor and outdoor rooms. Make indoor outdoor flow easy by keeping everything on the same level or construct sturdy steps to your outdoor level.

Start with the indoor decor and then move outside

The inside of your home is where you will spend the most time, so start your decorating there. Then work on the outdoor area. Many modern outdoor seating arrangements are created in styles and materials that are similar to indoor furniture and so will blend for a coherent look between the two areas. Think carefully too about your flooring. Pick wooden floors in similar shades or choose carpet and tiles that complement each other.

Make your outdoor space useable all year round

While you are upgrading your indoor spaces, take a look at your outdoor space too. Adding a covered roof or side panels and outdoor heating can make the space useable for more of the year. You could also add outdoor cooking like a great BBQ or pizza oven.

Build Right is ready to help improve the flow at your property

Our experienced builders have been carrying out home renovations and house extensions and new builds across South Auckland and East Auckland for many years. Our team can also help you with outdoor renovations making it easy to get your project done with just one contractor.

Contact us to discuss your plans. If you talk to us early on in your project we’ll be able to advise you on what will work structurally and practically for your home and make sure your indoor outdoor flow is perfect for your lifestyle.

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