Top tips for choosing paint colours for your home

Choosing paint colours for your home is an exciting part of your home renovations or new home build, but it can also be overwhelming. Even if you are just painting your home white, there is a daunting amount of shades to choose from.

Here are our top tips for choosing paint colours. If you get really stuck you could also talk to your local paint shop or hire an interior designer.

Top tips for choosing interior paint colours

Think about the room sizes and how much light they get
Paint colours can affect how big or small a room feels, so it is important to choose a colour that suits the room. Going dark in colour isn’t always bad especially if the room gets a lot of natural light.

Think about what the room will be used for.
Different colours can evoke different moods and feelings. You might want to have a more relaxing colour in the bedroom for example

Think about whether you are painting the whole house the same colour, or keeping rooms separate
Different colours can suit different rooms. But, if you are painting the whole house in the same colour then you might need to compromise on a more neutral colour that will work everywhere. In modern homes, the living and dining spaces are often open plan so you might paint those the same colour for consistency and choose different colours for the bedrooms.

If you want to experiment consider a feature wall.
If you like the idea of some colour or a trendy pattern, consider painting just one wall. This makes a feature of your choice, stops it from being overwhelming and is cheaper to update if you change your mind.

Top tips for choosing exterior paint colours

When it comes to choosing paint, don’t forget about the exterior of your home. The right paint colour can make or break your kerb appeal.

Think about choosing a paint colour that blends in with your surroundings
It might be tempting to go for something outlandish but if all your neighbours’ homes are grey, white or beige then you might stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Think about the age of your property.
If you are building new then a more modern colour will suit, but if you are renovating an older home consider colours that would have been traditional at the time of building.

Consider the other exterior elements
If you have brick or metal elements to your exterior, think about how your paint colour will either complement or contrast with those. Think too about the colour of your roof and garage door and what will work together.

Think about longevity
Your exterior paint needs to last. So, choose quality paint but also a colour that won’t look shabby as it begins to fade.

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