Choosing lighting for your home

Lighting can add great ambience to your home as well as being practical. However, choosing lighting for your home should be done carefully to ensure it is practical and fits in with your overall decor.

Things to think about when you are choosing lighting for your home

Is the lighting right for the room and what you are using the room for?

Different rooms in your home will need different types of lighting. Some rooms like kitchens and bathrooms will need functional lighting while living rooms and bedrooms will need softer lighting. Think about how you will use the room. If you do a lot of reading in bed then you’ll need a good bedside light. You should also think about how the rooms look from other places especially if you have an open-plan home. For example, low-level lighting in kickboards or under cupboards is popular for open plan kitchens so you can keep the lights on without it being too bright in your living area. Most modern homes have downlights in the ceiling but table or floor lamps can bring a different feel to a living area.

Do you want some form of feature lighting?

Feature lighting is a great way to add interest to a room. When you are choosing lighting for your home you might be keen to add some statement pieces. However, these need to be carefully placed so as not to overpower the space. Large entranceways and stairways are great places to make a statement with a big pendant light. Smaller pendant lights or industrial style lighting also work well over kitchen islands.

Do you want to automate your lights?

Smart home automation is becoming very popular and lighting is a common choice when it comes to automating. You can automate your lights so the brightness can be controlled via an app and also so you can operate them remotely or set timers so the lights switch on and off even if you are not at home.

Do other parts of the home need upgrading to accommodate your new lights?

If you are renovating a home then you might need to check whether other parts of your electrical systems need to be upgraded to make sure your new lights are safe. This might include an upgrade to your switchboard or the installation of more light switches or power points.

Upgrade your lighting with LED bulbs

If you are renovating and wanting to upgrade your lighting, switching to LED lightbulbs is a good place to start. LED bulbs last longer than standard lightbulbs – great if you have lights in hard to reach areas – and they help to make your home more energy-efficient. LED downlights are also sealed units which means less heat escapes through the light fittings and you can insulate right round them.

Build Right can help you incorporate the right lighting into your plans

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