Building a home office extension

If you run a business from home and it is taking over your property then you might want to consider building a home office extension. This way you can separate your home and business a bit more.

Three benefits of building a home office extension

Your home life and work life are more separate – When you work from home it can sometimes be hard to separate work and home life. If you are working at the dining room table and the sink is full of dishes then housework can be a nagging distraction. Even if you have a room as an office within your home it can still be hard.

It looks more professional – If you run a business where clients are coming to see you, then having a separate workspace can look more professional than bringing clients through your living area.

You can decorate accordingly – Your business decor may be different from your home decor preferences, especially if you see clients. If you run a business selling products or are in an industry like chiropractics or hairdressing you may also need specialist equipment or storage which will be easier to accommodate.

Things to think about when planning your home business extension

Can you run a home business in your area and do you need any permits?

Depending on where in Auckland you live you may not be able to run a business from home or you may need council permission to build. Auckland Council has lots of information available on regulations for your area.

Will you add the extension to your current property or make it separate?

You can either add a home office extension to your existing property or consider a garage conversion. Or you could build a minor dwelling on your section and making your business premises there.

Can you make separate access and do you have parking?

To completely separate things it is easier if your office space has separate access to your home. This allows clients to come and go without entering your home. If you are seeing clients regularly you might also need to add extra parking space.

How will you fund the building?

Will you use your mortgage or a personal loan to fund the building, or fund it through your business? You will also need to consider on-going costs like power, internet, and insurance. You may be able to claim some of these as business expenses so remember to keep good records.

Think an extension would work for you? Talk to Build Right Contactors

Often an extension can be more complicated than a full new build because you have to work within existing structures. So finding a good builder for your extension is key. Our team has a lot of experience in carrying out home renovations and building extensions.

We can assist with your plans for a home office extension including suggestions on materials and innovative solutions that will help you stay within budget.

To talk over your ideas give us a call.

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