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Build Right Contractors have more than 20 years of experience completing building projects in the Auckland area. From new homes and renovations to significant upgrades to Daycare Centres, Kindergartens and Church facilities…

In these articles, we share our knowledge and expertise to help you make informed decisions about how to make your dream project a reality.

a calculator used for calculating contingency in a building budget

Three reasons you need a contingency in your building budget

Before building, you need to carefully plan your finances. and you always need a contingency in your building budget. A contingency is an extra sum of money that you put aside on top of the money you’ve budgeted for your build. It gives you the chance to deal with unforeseen issues that crop up during…

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pen, ruler and plan for building a small home

Building a small home – key things to consider

If you are subdividing to sell off part of your section with a home or you want to add a minor dwelling to use as a granny flat or holiday rental, then you might need to build a small home to ensure it fits on the section. While bigger than the popular tiny homes which…

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Renovated dining and living space with a dining table and sofas and wooden floors

Planning a House Extension

Planning a House Extension Are you running out of space at your place but don’t want to find a new home? Maybe you need an extra bedroom or an area for a home office, or just a bit more living room? An extension is a great solution, but there are plenty of things to think…

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three energy efficient led lightbulbs in casings reflected on a surface

Building an energy efficient home

If you are building a new home or undertaking home renovations, it makes sense to include some energy efficient practices in your plans. Building an energy efficient home is easier than it sounds. As well as larger projects such as solar panels there are many smaller changes you can make to improve your home. Benefits…

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plans and drawing equipment showing house plans which is one of the benefits of building a new home

Benefits of building a new home

Whether you are looking for your first home, a family home or a forever home, you should seriously consider building new rather than buying an existing property. Building can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful but there are several benefits of building a new home compared to buying. Three benefits of building a new home Choice…

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a hand holding a spirt level against a floor as part of working with a builder on a new home project

Four tips for working with a builder

Building your new home should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. The first step is choosing a builder carefully. And the second step is to ensure that once your project has begun that you work closely with your builder. Four tips for working with a builder to make sure your project runs smoothly…

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a wooden model house on top of a calculator being used to work out budgeting for a house extension

Budgeting for a house extension

Budgeting for a house extension needs to be done as carefully as budgeting for a new home build. Often working within the existing framework of a home can be more difficult than building from scratch. To avoid running out of money halfway through your project you need to make sure your budget is accurate. Three…

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a normal plug wall socket next to a usb socket showing how future proofing your home could include different power options

Future proofing your home

Whether you are building new or renovating, future proofing your home is a really good idea. Future proofing not only gives you a better quality of life both now and in years to come but it can also make your property more attractive should you come to sell. Four key areas where you can make…

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a hammer, wrench and nails - tools you might need for DIY unless you hire a renovation builder

Why hire a renovation builder instead of DIY

If you are planning changes to your property you might be thinking about DIY. But in many cases, it is better to hire a builder for renovations than go it alone. Why hire a renovation builder rather than DIY? It is usually quicker Often when people attempt DIY renovations they discover that the project is…

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White Villa in Grey Lynn with front deck and stairs to front door

Building a home office extension

If you run a business from home and it is taking over your property then you might want to consider building a home office extension. This way you can separate your home and business a bit more. Three benefits of building a home office extension Your home life and work life are more separate –…

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a stylised drawing of a house and a tape measure which could be used when planning renovation an older house

Renovating an older house

Renovating an older house is often a good way of getting on the property ladder if you have a smaller budget. It is also a great way of getting a character house combined with modern living. But renovating an older property can also bring its own problems. Key things to think about if you are…

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a wooden outdoor deck with large patio doors leading inside for great indoor outdoor flow

Creating great indoor outdoor flow at your place

Creating great indoor outdoor flow at your property can increase the value and increase your enjoyment of living in the house. Whether you are thinking about indoor outdoor flow as part of a new home build or you are carrying out home renovations and want to change things around, it does need careful planning to…

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